All About Instagram and What You Need to Know

When it involves social networking sites, Instagram continues to be fairly new and you will find people out there who don’t know just how to use it right. This puts lots of people off joining, though it’s not difficult in the least.

In case they simply took time to have a glimpse at the App and site, they are going to see it’s somewhat simple to work with.

In case you would like to join Instagram though you’re turned off by not understanding just how to use it, then you definitely must read forward knowing everything there’s to be aware of Instagram.

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What’s Instagram?

Instagram is an interpersonal network which works with photos only. If you sign up, you’re provided a profile and you are able to fill up in many specifics about you, but after that here, it’s all photographs.

You take a photo, upload it with the App on your cell phone, or on the site on your pc and subsequently you are able to give it a title, several tags, and you are able to also apply a filter.

You are able to decide to share the photo to many other social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, and then when you finally push share, the photo is other and live folks are able to see it in your profile.


Like other social media sites, you are able to include friends so you see their photos in your news feed and they also notice yours on theirs. They do not need to be your friend in life that is real, though it’s far better, to begin with, people that you really understand.

You can also include businesses as friends. For instance, in case you love taking photos of walking shoes, then you are able to include all of the brands and even several of the renowned collectors.

Then other individuals with similar interests will look at you all over their friends’ list and they’ll be much more likely to incorporate you simply because of their friend. When this occurs, you’ll be branching out and you may have friends who you have never ever met in person.


You may be curious about precisely what a tag is because it’s mentioned above. Well, a label is a describing title or even statement about your image. For instance, in case you have a photograph of a hotel in Las Vegas, you are able to tag it with the title of the location as well as the hotel.

A tag usually begins with a hashtag, therefore it’s so easy to find. Next, users are going to search for keyword phrases as well as your image will show up in the search engine results for that tag. When more people are able to see your image, you are going to start to get a great deal more friends.

In case you do not add a tag to the image, then nobody is going to see it. Just the individuals who are on friends list will have the ability to see the picture. In case you would like your pictures being kept private, then this is good, but in case you would like more friends with the same interests, then you must tag your pictures.


Individuals are likely to look at the top part with their tags. They might have an image with more than twenty tags on the picture. The picture would be mentioned in the search engine results for these tags, but Instagram will begin to restrict the number of tags you use.

In case you would like to increase your friends and reach more individuals, then you definitely must utilize your tags wisely. You may be finding out which tag would be the most widely used and then uploading an image for that tag.