Ten Special Wines to Impress the Wine Lover in Your Life

Wines are exotic aromatic drinks known for its flavor and nourishing taste throughout the globe. It has existed for centuries. If you want to impress anyone, wine is your go-to drink. Here is a list of the most exciting wines observed through a series of investigations.
1. Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red Wine
This fancy wine is priced at $125. It is well structured from the layers of firm tannin, dark espresso, and spices. This wine should be aged appropriately and be opened at the right time, not too early or too late. So give it a few years, and you won’t regret it.

2. Sequoia Grove Cambium
This is an exceptional limited high-quality wine from Napa Valley made up of blackberry, black cherry, spices, and hints of vanilla, eucalyptus and cigar boxes. It uses the finest grapes which are also used for Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. It is priced at $140.
3. Chappellet Signature Cabernet Sauvignon
This $52 wine is based from an elevated plantation in Napa, California. It is a complex and rich wine that is perfectly aged and is one of the best in its regions.
4. Nottingham Micro Lot Reserve
This wine-based from the Bay of San Francisco is a handcrafted wine that leaves a lingering taste of cherry fruit with the right structure and balance of tannins. It is known for its exceptional flavor and priced at $48.
5. La Prohibicion
This Spanish wine of $55 is the right choice to bring out the inner wine lover in you and impress other wine lovers. It is the perfect blend of dark black fruits, coffee, dried roses, spices, and smoked cedar. This is the only wine comprised of 100% of Garnacha Tintorera grown in the country.

6. MourvedreThis is an intriguing wine that is grown from one of the oldest vineyards in California planted in 1895. It is a smooth wine with quite a punch. It is made from layers of dark fruit and priced at $36.
7. Francois LeClerc
This $65 French wine is extraordinary. It serves a smooth structure, velvety texture, soft and lip-smacking cherry aftertaste.

8. Sandhi Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir
This $36 wine from the vineyards of California yields elegant wines made up of strawberry, raspberry, cinnamon, and earth.
9. Marcel Servin Chablis
This French wine is from the territories of France, priced at $25. It is a vintage styled wine with an aroma of lemon cream. It is an absolute delight to drink.
10. Ch√Ęteau Faizeau Montagne Saint-Emilion
These French wines are a combination of a rich structure consisting of 100% Merlot with traces of blackberry, black cherry, and warm spices. It is tagged at $35.