Search Engine Optimization for First Timers – Concepts and Essentials to Remember

SEO for newbies is a topic that comes up quite often. This is a very important skill and if you are not familiar with the best practices for optimizing your web pages then you may find your business suffering from a serious lack of traffic. Search engines such as Google rely on meta-tags and keywords in order to function correctly.

So, it is imperative that you learn at least some of the basics of SEO for newbies to increase your ranking in the search results. Let us first take a look at a common-sense approach to ranking better in the search results. The most important thing that SEO for newbies does involves the use of keywords.

They need to be used properly in the content of the page as well as within the title. You can easily see SEO for newbies do this all the time without even noticing it because they are doing what is necessary and it is working. A good SEO for newbies will always keep their keyword density to less than one percent.

Too much keyword stuffing can lead to negative SEO results and blackouts from the search engines. This is because the blacklisted sites will appear lower in the SERPS. If you have the opportunity to obtain backlinks from these undesirable sites then you should take advantage of the opportunity and try to outdo the previous results.

Once you get backlinks to your site this increases your SERP ranking. So, to maintain your position in the search results you must continually work on getting backlinks. One of the best ways to do this is through social proofing your sites.

Social proofing simply means providing evidence through social media sites that your site is popular. By providing evidence that your site is popular you are giving the search engines a pretty good reason to rank your site higher.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear social proofing as an SEO technique is YouTube. There are two types of videos that can be submitted to YouTube. These are business videos and tutorials. Business videos should generally focus on how a product or service can help a customer out, and a tutorial should provide information that a user would want to know.

In the business video, there will be a link in the footer to your website. When people watch the video, they should have a choice to leave the video immediately or explore the rest of the page. If the viewer leaves the page after viewing the video they are not just leaving with information, they are also leaving with backlinks.

If they choose to explore the page they may find the name of your business, the business description, and a list of the services you offer in house cleaning service. You need to use the title tag of each video you submit to YouTube to optimize it for Google. Every time you make a video, it is sent to YouTube’s main page.

If your title tag is “house cleaning service”, then every time someone searches for a house cleaning service on YouTube they should see your business link. A lot of successful marketers already use SEO for newbies because they can be effective right away. To make it hassle-free, we suggest you reach out to a qualified team of experts from Smart Innovations in Alabama.

Just make sure you do some keyword research before you start using SEO for newbies to make sure the keywords you choose are ones that are searched for a lot. There is another way for you to increase your chances of getting found by the search engines, and that is by having backlinks.

Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. If someone finds something relevant to what they are searching for they may click on your backlink and find something related to their search. If the website owner who placed the backlink likes what they find, they will likely share it with others, who will share it with others, and so on.